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Free, easy-to-use photo editor with support for layers

Paint Brush is also very fast to open and get work done with and will be perfect for doing some small editing or painting stuff in a jiffy. Seashore is a free, open-source paint application for Mac OS built entirely in Cocoa. While the UI might seem a little dated, the app has a lot of tricks up its sleeves which makes it an upgrade to Preview or Paint Brush.

SeaShore introduces the concept of layers, just like you have in Photoshop. The layers work like sheets of acetate stacked upon each other and the transparent areas allow you to see through to the underbidding layers. This allows you to create different layers for different effects and adjusting the effects separately or deleting them separately, thus providing easy management.

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Seashore has a nifty gradient tool where you can specify the direction and strength of the gradient. Some other features include alpha channel editing, texts with sub pixel rendering and textures. Another free and open source alternative is Pinta , which is also cross platform and an exact clone of Paint. NET on Windows. Download Seashore from here. The setup process can be a little tedious, but it is definitely rewarding as you can run most of your Windows apps on your Mac. Just download Play On Mac and all the dependencies required for Wine and then you should be able to install any Windows app of your choice.

Although Wine is much less intensive or involving than Bootcamp or a virtual machine running Windows, it still takes up a lot of space with its dependencies and adds overhead. So we recommend this method if you are someone who is planning on using more Windows apps on your Mac or just cannot do without MS Paint. As I said, by no means should Pixelmator be considered a basic app as it is far from that, having a boatload of options, effects and features.

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Pixelmator also offers layers with the option of layer styles presets where you can either use a predefined preset or save your own custom style preset. It also has retouching tools, colour correction tools and a real-time effects machine along with all the drawing and brushing tools.

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It even sports iCloud support and the ability to publish your pictures directly to social media. What makes Pixelmator stand out from all the other professional graphic utility apps, is its flexibility; while it does have a lot of features, one can also just use the brush or pencil tools to doodle anything just as they would in any other paint app.

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The app is not at all overwhelming even for a beginner and strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and productivity. Get Pixelmator on the App Store. But before downloading any third party app, we highly recommend checking out Preview and checking whether it fulfills all your needs or not.

Basic doodling app for Mac

Paint Brush is an awesome simple and easy to use paint application while Seashore is slightly more complex with the addition of layers. Download Alternatives to SeaShore. FireAlpaca 1.

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Download Alternatives to FireAlpaca. Fotor 1. Download Alternatives to Fotor. GimpPainter 2. Download Alternatives to GimpPainter. CinePaint 0. Download Alternatives to CinePaint. Pixelitor 0.

Download Alternatives to Pixelitor. TiltShift Generator 1. Download Alternatives to TiltShift Generator. Articles about Paint.

Did you know there’s a hidden paint app on your Mac? Here’s how to find it

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