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Available for:. F-Secure Anti-Virus Advanced protection for your PC with the fastest response to online threats for a safe online life. F-Secure Mobile Security F-Secure Mobile Security protects your Android phone and tablet against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks, and online identity theft. Thank you for your interest.

We will be in touch shortly. Free trial Contact us Find a reseller. Best-of-breed business protection for your computers, mobiles and servers. Best protection We are proven to provide better security than our competitors. Best security package Protects all your endpoints and comes with tools like patch management. Reduce overhead Deploy, manage, and monitor security with less overhead. AV-Test, , Product brochure Technical brochure Watch the video.

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See what's new. Best-of-breed endpoint security, made simple and cost-effective Protect your organization with industry-leading security that's easy to deploy and manage. Read more. Best Endpoint Package A powerful and comprehensive business endpoint protection in one package, ensuring best value.

Best Endpoint Package By merging your endpoint security into one unified package, we deliver better, broader, and more cost-efficient protection. Easy installation Straightforward and scalable deployment. Easy installation Deploying endpoint security clients is simple. Less overhead Simplifies and streamlines security management, reducing the time and resources required.

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Less overhead Thanks to consolidated, streamlined management, automatic client and database updates, and automated patch management. Easy to use Designed from the ground up to be manageable without dedicated security know-how. Easy to use Designed to work without IT security expertise for cost-efficient administration, freeing security experts to focus on more challenging and valuable tasks. No servers needed No need to invest in server hardware, software, or maintenance. No servers needed No need to spend time and money deploying or maintaining servers—all you need to manage your endpoint security is a browser.

Great value High-end security tools are included in the package, giving you better and broader security capabilities with your existing security budget. We are rewarding this achievement with the Best Protection award. Received AV-Test awards in comparison with our competitors. Competitor 1 Symantec.

Competitor 2 Kaspersky. Competitor 3 Bitdefender. Competitor 4 Trend Micro. Best endpoint protection—proven by independent tests In cyber security, consistent results are a sure sign of success. Read more: Awards and references.

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Confidence through security With F-Secure Protection Service for Business, you can have total confidence in your endpoint security. This will allow you to focus on the most important thing: Your company will thrive, and you can feel confident stepping into that next big meeting and telling your organization that they are protected. No matter what happens, we've got your back. Choose confidence. Check the current state of your Endpoint Security Take this test to see how well your organization is handling endpoint security, and compare the results to other companies in your industry or country.

Take the test. One security solution to protect your business F-Secure Protection Service for Business comprises a cloud-based management portal and endpoint protection clients for computers, mobiles, servers, and passwords. Management Portal Manage everything through a single cloud-based console. One portal for deployment, management and monitoring Integrated mobile fleet management Automatic patch management Integrated password manager No server hardware required Full integration readiness for third-party management tools Read more.

The ever-increasing rate of attacks proves how vital it is to protect your Windows computers against threats such as ransomware. Windows security is at its most powerful with a multi-layered approach that includes advanced technologies—like automated patch management, machine learning, real-time threat intelligence, and heuristic analysis.

These tools are just some of the features that come as standard in Computer Protection for Windows. F-Secure Computer Protection for Windows provides powerful and efficient security for your Windows computers, going far beyond traditional antivirus protection. Provides additional protection against ransomware, and prevents the destruction and tampering of data. Blocks execution of applications and scripts according to rules created by our penetration testers, or as defined by the administrator. It can block or restrict unauthorized applications from running, either based on rules created by our penetration testers, or as defined by the administrator, for example based on the application name or version.

It also includes advanced detection logic to block applications from executing scripts, such as PowerShell. F-Secure DataGuard prevents malicious and unknown applications from destroying or tampering with data. It enables the recovery of data, for example in the event of a successful ransomware attack. It also includes advanced monitoring and additional detection logic to provide a complementary layer of protection against ransomware.

Computer Protection for Windows comes with Software Updater, an automated patch management feature. There's no need to install separate agents, management servers, or consoles. Patch management is the first, critical security component —and one of the best layers of protection when malicious content reaches your endpoints.

Best-of-breed business protection for your computers, mobiles and servers

Computer Protection for Windows has received a significant security improvement with the upgrade to DeepGuard 6. It features more extensive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, tempered with the latest insights from our analysts, cyber security specialists, and penetration testers. In layman's terms, this means that we're taking a new, superior approach to protection. We block attacks by identifying and preventing the techniques, methods, and behaviors used in the attacks rather than relying on signatures to catch them. Software Updater is an automated patch management feature that's fully integrated with F-Secure Workstation Security clients.

There's no need to install separate agents, management servers or consoles. Software Updater is a critical security component. Software Updater works by scanning for missing updates, creating a vulnerability report based on missing patches, and then downloading and deploying them automatically or manually if needed.

DeepGuard combines some of our most advanced security technologies. It's the final and most critical layer of defense against new threats—even those that target previously unknown vulnerabilities. DeepGuard observes application behavior and proactively intercepts any potentially harmful action on-the-fly before it causes damage.

By switching the focus from signature characteristics to malicious behavior patterns, DeepGuard can identify and block malware even before a sample has been acquired and examined. When an unknown or suspicious program is first launched, DeepGuard temporarily delays its execution in order to perform a file reputation and prevalence rate check, runs it in a sandbox environment, then finally executes it for behavioral analysis and exploit interception. For more information about Deep Guard functions and benefits, consult our technical whitepaper. F-Secure DataGuard subjects selected high-risk and value-critical folders to advanced monitoring and additional detection logic.

It makes them significantly more fortified against ransomware, and prevents malicious and unknown applications from destroying or tampering with the data that they contain. The high-risk and value-critical folders include, for example, the Downloads folder web downloads , document folders, temp files email attachments , and data repositories. The feature's complementary detection logic significantly increases detection accuracy and aggressiveness against ransomware and their encryption processes. The Data Access module ensures that the data in these folders is not destroyed, tampered with, or encrypted by malicious or unknown applications, such as ransomware.

Among other benefits, the Data Access module enables the recovery of data in the event of a successful ransomware attack, as it cannot encrypt the data located in those folders.

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The F-Secure Security Cloud is our own cloud-based threat analysis system. It utilizes Big Data and Machine Learning, among other input, to continuously add to our knowledge base of digital threats. The Security Cloud is constantly in touch with client systems, identifying new threats as they emerge and providing protection within minutes. A cloud-based threat analysis service affords many benefits over traditional approaches. We gather threat intelligence from hundreds of thousands of a large number of client nodes, building a real-time picture of the global threat situation.

Within minutes, we use that knowledge to protect our customers. For example, if DeepGuard's heuristic and behavior analysis identifies a zero-day attack, the information is shared with all protected devices via the F-Secure Security Cloud—rendering the advanced attack harmless mere minutes after initial detection. For more on the functions and benefits of F-Secure Security Cloud, consult our technical whitepaper. Our computer security component utilizes our multi-engine security platform to detect and prevent malware. It offers superior protection to traditional signature-based technologies:.

Browsing Protection is a key security layer that proactively prevents end-users from visiting malicious sites. This is particularly effective, as early intervention greatly reduces overall exposure to malicious content, and thus attacks. For example, Browsing Protection will prevent end-users from being tricked into accessing seemingly legitimate phishing sites, accessing malicious sites through an email link, or getting infected through malicious 3rd party advertisements on otherwise legitimate sites. The feature works by fetching the latest reputation check of the websites and their files from F-Secure's Security Cloud, based on various data points such as IP addresses, URL keywords and site behavior.

Browsing Protection is fully browser agnostic, as it works at the network level. This ensures that it still provides protection even if the end-user is not using company sanctioned browsers. Web Traffic Protection prevents the exploitation of active content such as Java and Flash, which are used in the vast majority of online attacks. These components are automatically blocked on unknown and suspicious sites based on their reputation data. Administrators can make exceptions to this by adding sites to a trusted sites list, for example company intranet sites for which F-Secure does not have any reputation data.

Web Traffic Protection scans HTTP web traffic in real-time with multiple complementary anti-malware scanning engines and reputation checks. This ensures that malware and exploits are found and blocked at the traffic stage, before data is written to the hard disk. This provides additional protection against more advanced malware—for example the memory-only variety. Web Content Control allows restriction of unproductive and inappropriate Internet usage. It can restrict employee Web browsing, denying access to non-work related destinations such as social media and adult sites to maximize time or and avoid malicious sites.

Web Content Control reduces productivity losses, bandwidth consumption and legal risks caused by unauthorized employee access to inappropriate or distracting Web content. It also greatly reduces chances of employee exposure to malicious content. IT administrators can make local exceptions that override enforced categories.

f-secure psb workstation for mac F-secure psb workstation for mac
f-secure psb workstation for mac F-secure psb workstation for mac
f-secure psb workstation for mac F-secure psb workstation for mac
f-secure psb workstation for mac F-secure psb workstation for mac
f-secure psb workstation for mac F-secure psb workstation for mac

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