File transfer pro for mac

Configuring Android

Transferring files from Android to Mac is not obligatory if you wish to listen to your favorite music, watch videos or even go through the pictures on your Android device. However, if needed, with the help of Commander One you can gain a full control of Android from your Mac.

In order to access Android from Mac and transfer all the necessary info, simply connect your device to Mac. After that, it will be shown as mounted drive in Commander One making Android data transfer a piece of cake.

MTP file transfer. Accessing and managing data can be done with no effort, if your device supports connection via MTP mode. Simply, connect your device as a local drive using USB cable. And here you go. Glance through all your photos, videos or the rest of the files on the screen of your computer without copying or transferring them back and forth.

It unites the speed of keyboard and mouse with efficient dual-pane style and fresh software development approach. It is also a good Finder alternative for those who wish for expanded options. Set the best fonts and colors to please your eyes during long work hours.

How to use it

Track your file operations and receive easy access to your most used documents. Perform any action in the blink of an eye with a custom key combo. No need to close any folders if you don't need them at this moment. Handy selection lets you choose only those files you really need.

Best Android file transfer software for Mac OS X

All ongoing file operations are accordingly placed in the background queue. Commander One finds all machines on local network and lists them for you.

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PRO Pack. Integrate your Dropbox account to share links from Commander One or mount it as a drive to work as with local. Your Microsoft storage can be linked with Commander One to work with online files the same way as with local ones.

1. SyncMate

Get a comprehensive way to access your iOS device as a mounted disk. Access all active processes on your Mac with the possibility to quit them. Requires Map Google Drive as network drive with CloudMounter. Learn More. View details.

The list of best Android file transfer software for Mac OS X

Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. ES Global. Send Anywhere File Transfer. Estmob Inc. Send whatever you want, wherever you want. Adi Laxman. Is your WhatsApp slow? Appideas srl. Total is a powerful browser that allows you to manage local and clouds files. Delite Studio S. File Transfer. The easiest way to exchange files with smartphones, tablets, and computers. uses cookies.

Local Cloud. Open files stored on your Mac or PC directly with your Android device. Receive notifications for each new post published on Cuneotrekking. Local Cloud Pro.

How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

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file transfer pro for mac File transfer pro for mac
file transfer pro for mac File transfer pro for mac
file transfer pro for mac File transfer pro for mac
file transfer pro for mac File transfer pro for mac
file transfer pro for mac File transfer pro for mac

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