Pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac

JailbreakMe for iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.3.4

You can get iOS 9. Download iOS 9. Downgrade iOS 9. Step 1: You can download it from here. Step 2: Step 3: Select the Turn Passcode Off option, entering your code when prompted to confirm the change. Step 4: Switch on Airplane Mode on the device. This can be achieved by swiping up Control Center from the bottom of this display and tapping the Airplane toggle.

Jailbreak iOS 9 / 9.0.2 Using Pangu For Mac OS X

Step 5: Connect the iOS device that you wish to jailbreak to your Mac via the provided Lightning or pin connector cable, depending on the type of device, and launch the Pangu 9 for Mac app. When prompted if you wish to trust the application, proceed with trusting it. Step 6: Wait for Pangu 9 to detect your connected device and display the information in the main interface. If everything is detected and OK to proceed then click the Start button.

Step 7: You will be presented with a new window.

Select the Already Backup option to proceed. Step 8: As part of the underlying jailbreak process, Pangu will install two applications on your device. The connected hardware will automatically reboot and then ask you to initiate Airplane Mode again. Once enabled, the process will continue. Step 9: When prompted, invoke the new Pangu app from the Home screen of the connected iOS device. Provide access to the Photos app when prompted. Step The tool now has all of the permissions that it requires to perform the jailbreak.

For any issues you encounter during or after the jailbreak, check out our comprehensive Pangu troubleshooting guide here. You may also like to check out: How To Jailbreak iOS 9.

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Step 7: Pangu9 will then display a few advice that are definitely worth reading and taking into account. The tool suggests that:. Step 8: Pangu will start the jailbreak process, displaying a status bar to show progress. Be patient and do not unplug your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until the process is completed.

Pangu jailbreak for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Step You will be asked to unlock your device and launch the Pangu app that has been installed on it. Do so.

How To Jailbreak iOS 9.0.2 With Pangu For Mac OS X [Guide]

You will be asked to give permission to Pangu to access your photo library. This is a necessary step to the jailbreak process. Accept this request. Congratulations, you have a newly jailbroken iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Cydia should now be on your Home screen. The process was completely painless for me, and I am hoping it will be for you too.

If you encounter issues, please make sure to share them along with potential fixes in the comments section.

How To Jailbreak iOS With Pangu For Mac OS X [Guide] | Redmond Pie

Cannot connect to iTunes store: Even though the jailbreak process went smoothly, I realized shortly after that I was signed out of any iTunes related services. I rebooted several times without success. Step 4: Double click on the Pangu9 dmg file. This will bring up the Pangu9 app.

pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac Pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac
pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac Pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac
pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac Pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac
pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac Pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac
pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac Pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac
pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac Pangu ios 9.0.2 download mac

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