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You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. The Sensibio H20 wipes are makeup wipes that have the Bioderma micellar water on them to help make removing makeup easy. My skin can be so temperamental and even though I would classify my skin as being oily and acne prone it can get dry and very sensitive at times especially with some of the prescription creams that. It's interesting how we discover products - I learn a lot from here on BH, friends and also some of the…. That is a breakthrough, if this does come into fruition. Has any other beauty on BH heard about this….

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Hello Marie — thank you for visiting! All their compressors are powerful enough for spraytan which should be a higher PSI setting than your foundation. Around 20 PSI is good for spraytan. However, you need a different airgun from the ones I recommend when airbrushing makeup.

Also make sure you get one with a. Thank you so much for being so friendly and helping us all out with finding an airbrush system. I have always wanted an airbrush system because it would be great to use everyday and to share with people for special occasions. I do want to buy the Iwata because I want to use this system forever! I have two questions I hope you have a few moments to help me in answering. Gah- My face sounds scary when I type all of that. What type of airbrush make-up can help me out with that?

Also, what make-up stays put best and what would happen if I accidentally worked out in this air brush make-up? Plus, does it help out with huge pores? No make-up I have tried ever seems to work, but thats okay. It is something I have learned to live with. Can you do that with the Iwata system? I assume you can because it is more professional, but I want to double check. Hello Laura — thank you for the kind comments! As a general rule the silicone-based makeup is better for dry skin. It will give you a dewy look. Some people find that their are allergic to silicone-based makeup or that it irritates their skin — in this case you would have to use water-based only.

Water-based makeup tends to be less long-lasting than silicone-based but there are ways to fix it to make it more water-proof and longer-lasting. Iwata is definitely the best — plus, you can try any makeup through it so you can find the best brands or combination of brands for your skin. Temptu also has a good range of equipment aside from the airpods that I will write a review for shortly. Also you can moisturize and conceal before airbrushing makeup.

To answer your second question, Dinair has a great collection of stencils and their makeup is fine on the hair because it is water-based. They really go out of their way to innovate with accessories and fun makeup. You can put any of this through an Iwata and you can always buy these stencils separately or from some of the other brands.

Good luck with airbrushing an feel free to pop by if you have any more questions! Thank you for such a swift reply. Ever since Feb 4th I have been reading everything I could about these systems. I even called up bridal makeup studios to see what they use because I work often with brides and weddings at my hotel.

They are easily confused as to why I am calling and I feel badly for wasting their time. This is the best source of info yet. I was having this trouble because. The brushes also have a cap and what not to keep make-up in.

MAC Air Review

If any of this is wrong, please let me know. Question- Do you know if the Iwata Ninja jet can be used for a long time in one sitting? In your review you also said it can do cake decorating and other random stuff. I saw it and it is brand new. It is just the compressor. I feel like that is what I see the Iwata at often with a brush. Can a Kett jett be left on for a long time as well? Maybe the Iwata Ninja Jet because I can customize make-up and stuff and it is smaller for transport.

Hello again Laura! Wow — you have really done your research and I understand exactly how you feel — stuck between the choice of two great airbrush makeup systems! The Ninja Jet is fine with continued use as it has a different motor. Have a look at some videos online to compare the ninja jet with the Kett Jett.

Lots of people have posted videos of them using it — so you can get a feel for what you think will suit you better. Look at the difference in size and also the noise of the compressor. It lasts about 90mins. Also, remember you can use Kett makeup without using the compressor — love that.

But, then again, you can always use Kett makeup in the Iwata…or almost any other makeup.

You can use some other water-based makeups in the Kett. Let me know if I have left anything out! Thank you agaiN! You have helped me a lot. I have seen videos of the Iwata and it is a decently small compressor. You have helped me decide to get the Iwata. I am so very excited for this. I love that I can use it for almost everything and it can lost longer then 30 minutes. I like what you said about it and everything. Let me know if you need any help with it and please come back to leave a comment about what you think of it! Happy airbrushing! My Ninja jet is on its way. I also ordered the Revolution- CR brush, so I can use it for cosmetic use and body art use.

Thanks for the suggestion to go on the Dinair website, there is a lot of info there. I think I will start out with what ever is cheaper or has more fluid for less money. I read your review on Kett Jett make-up and it seems like it is a great brand. I was thinking about using their products. In an above post it was not mentioned with Temptu and OCC as a product to use. I am curious in seeing if there is a reason I should not venture to use it? Can I use the Ninja Jet everyday? I totally understand if you do not know either, I will be happy to tell you once I use it for awhile.

Again, without your assistance I would be pulling my hair out. I have had bad luck with purchasing products, so I want to research like crazy. Hello Laura — wow! Fantastic that you bought the Iwata. You have a nice airbrush makeup kit — the Revolution CR airbrush is a very good airbrush. Definitely have a look at Dinair and even Tickled Pink too they are great value for money — you might just be pleasantly surprised. Their makeup is very good and great value for money. One of the best! I highly recommend Kett airbrush makeup. To answer your questions: Not all moisturizer works with all airbrush makeup.

Use water-based with water-based etc and you should be generally ok. But there are a few companies who also make their own moisturizer which can be airbrushed or is compatible with their own brand. Some are better than others. A few brands also have similar products which are compatible with their brands. Then you can use all sorts of different brands. You can sweat over airbrush makeup and generally it will last — especially if you use a fixer.

It is possible to reapply a few brands of airbrush makeup without the equipment but it takes some practice. I am so sorry, I have more questions I forgot to ask. I wish I could do something for you for all of your help.

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If you or your company has an address, I would love to send something in the mail. As long as you moisturize and prime? I like to use moisturizer that has SPF in. I also already have some primer that I would like to use up before buying a new type. I know that it was mentioned above that it was possible.

I am curious if it is even worst to do so? I can dream. Hey Michelle! I have been wanting to adventure into airbrushing for a while now. Between the two machines, which do u recommend? Hello Aisha — thanks for stopping by! Both Temptu and MAC are great — The Temptu airpod is a bit restrictive though but their professional airbrush makeup systems are very high quality. Thanks in advance for your help and recommendations. Hello Aisha — you can buy their products from the MAC store without a card but if you buy online here you have to have a card.

Hi, I just recently started looking at purchasing an airbrush system. I would be using it at home on a regular basis. I currently use MAC makeup for my stage makeup. I was leaning towards the MAC since I already use their foundation. Would there be a better alternative?

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Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Hi Stacey — thanks for reading through my site! You might want to have a look at the Tickled Pink tanning solution which comes in big bottles saves money over time and the actual shade is really nice — you might like this better you can get smaller, sample sizes.

Graftobian also uses Iwata compressors and they also have a portable version called the walkaround. You do need a specific airbrush though with a bigger cup and wider spray. Hi Michelle, wow thank you so much for all your hard work and reviews! They are very informative and I thought I did my research till I ran across your page. Thanks in advance. Hi Jo — thanks for visiting! You can use other bottle fed airbrushes with Iwata. Sometimes you need to get an adapter or a quick disconnect add on so it can be used with different hoses.

Some of these are really good and allow you to control the airflow through the adapter. Hi Michelle! I have not really had any intention on starting with airbrush makeup until I was approached about the system. Now, I am pretty excited and thinking seriously about looking into starting this at the shop that I work in. My only problem, I know nothing about any of it.

I have read through your reviews and you are awesome and so informative! Your site has really helped me to determine that I do not think I want to go with the Belletto. DO you know anything about that system? I am thinking that I should for sure go with the Iwata so it will last me a long time and can be a great attribute to the shop. But, I know nothing about which compressor I need or which airbrush I would need. It would be great if I could go ahead and get whatever I need to be able to do the makeup and the spray tan.

What would you suggest that I try? Hi Kelly! Thanks for visiting!! From the looks of it the Belletto compressor has very similar specs to the Dinair, Tickled Pink and Belloccio home-use compressors. So it might not be powerful enough for your professional use. The Iwata compressors are great and you can look at either one all-round airbrush gun or two separate ones for different makeup thicker or thinner liquid makeup.

Thank you so much, Michelle! I looked at a comparison chart on the different iwata machines and I am thinking that the Power Jet Lite would be a good fit… what do you think? Or, do youthink I could get away with a cheaper iwata machine? Also, what do you recommend on the guns? Do you know, round about, how much it would cost to get a good starter kit in each of the airbrush makeups that you would recommend the best?

Sorry for the overload! I just have so many questions and you are just so knowledgeable on it all! Thank you for all the help, and thank you for taking time out of your free time to help me!! I appreciate you so much!!! The Power Jet Lite is fantastic — a real workhorse. There are two versions: Actually the Silver Jet is about half the price and still a fantastic compressor.

The ninja jet might be a bit small for professional use but the Silver Jet is very reliable. It works well with MAC and the silicone-based makeup like Temptu. Temptu have some great starter sets so definitely check them out! Thank you so much! So you think the Silver Jet would be a great fit? I am great with that… and it will save me money! I am really excited. I will probably be on here asking you many more questions after I actually get the stuff! I have just a few more questions, and then I will leave you alone..

I am thinking I read somewhere that you can use different brand airbrushes on the iwata, right? Thank you so much for all of your help! I have known absolutely nothing about all of this and you have helped me a TON!! The components are all much better made so it should last for years or even decades. But you could hook up a cheaper Belloccio airbrush with the right attachments. You need a different airbrush for spray tan — because you use so much more liquid when tanning. So a bottle fed airbrush is much easier the one with the bottle underneath.

It all depends on what suits your complexion though. Always happy to help — let me know what you end up buying and what you think!! You are very helpful and that is very kind of you! I too am a first time user also an esthetician-however not currently working. I was hoping you could help me decide which compressor, gun and makeup to buy. I will be using it at home. I have combination skin my t-zone can get fairly oily during the warmer seasons and get pretty flaky during the colder.

I normally do not have an issue with breakouts, however they happen occasionally. I also am noticing my pores are getting worse. I do not want to look like I am wearing a ton of makeup although I would like my freckles and imperfections covered. I would like a solid machine that is going to be worth the investment. I am thinking I have somewhere around for the compressor and gun and am pretty open to price for makeup and am willing to shop different brands.

Hi Breanne — thanks for visiting! Hopefully I can help you out! Basically you have to experiment a little to find what works best for you in terms of makeup as there are quite a few very good brands. The important thing is to prime and prep, especially if you have flaky skin during the colder months. Actually Dinair is great for minor imperfections like freckles because it will give you a sheer, very natural coverage. The aim is not to cover imperfections with lots of makeup but to highlight our best features!

My scenario: I have been doing Hair and Makeup on the side for 7 years now, and all this time I have only offered the traditional application of makeup, Needless to say I have invested quite the pretty penny into a range of make-up. I love makeup so I cannot say that it was all just out of a professional need…[guilty face] But now I find that alot of my potential clients are looking only for air brush makeup, and when I inform them that I do not offer air brush they never respond.

I have been researching the different machines for a few months now, debating whether or not to branch out. Within 2 months I will be going on mat leave but I love makeup too much to give it up, and the extra cash is always a bonus. But the Dinair is much more affordable and the makeup has quite a range so it seems to me like a safe 2nd to the Iwata…correct? Is the compressor professional quality? How would one get into a class like that, and what are the prices like? Also, do you get some sort of certificate?

I have been looking into returning to school for a course, but with the 2nd kid on the way, it just seems selfish, and time consuming along side a full time job. Hello Dani — thanks for visiting!! You need to be able to create your own tones for the client and for your own satisfaction too!

But you do learn some tips — unfortunately you have to go to their Pro store which might mean a plane ticket for you. Otherwise there are some great courses around and some not so great! Graftobian also have a fantastic line some Iwata equipment but they can be expensive. The only thing that i am torn between is what type of make-up to use with it.

Can you recommend any brands that wont give my face an oily look and will be able to last a long time like throughout the day? I was thinking about getting the Dinair make-up. Also, with the MAC make-up, if i were to purchase that brand, is there a special type for the Airbrush?

Or could you just use any of the MAC products in it? Hello Jessica — thanks for visiting! They have a big range which you can really play around with — even diluting them for a more sheer effect. It is silicone-based which tends to be a little more dewy so you might prefer the water-based brands like Dinair. Dinair has a great range and they come out with seasonal colors too. Dinair also have various products to alter the look of the makeup so you can achieve the effect you are going for. Hope that helps! Let me know which airbrush makeup brand you go with! Also how would I go about getting make up as well.

Glad my website has been helpful! You can get great prices on Amazon but it takes a bit of searching. They can be used with MAC, graftobian, temptu and even dinair makeup. Let me know if you have any other questions! Hello Michelle …. I am thinking about to buy the airbrush. Buying airbrush is like an investment for me. I want to buy airbrush for long term use.

Please recommend me airbrush. My skin is oily skin. Hello Pann — a lot of people who do cosplay mix their own airbrush makeup. But this can be difficult and takes some practice and experimenting. Also, like you say, there is a risk that you can clog the machine — especially if you are using the airbrush gun for body art and airbrushing large areas.

But, if you do shorter bursts then Dinair might be great for you — they have a very big range of colors and are mixable.

Plus, you can ship from Amazon to Myanmar quite easily I think. However, for some looks you might prefer a silicone-based makeup which gives a more dewy look.

Though, with more passes of the makeup you can create a stronger, more defined color tone. The best equipment is Iwata and it might be possible that you can get this from Japan or possibly China — but just make sure it is authentic. If you can afford the Iwata or Graftobian then these will be great for Cosplay. I know a lot of Cosplayers share the cost of the airbrush makeup system and do their makeup together which is a great idea I think! Hope that helps — let me know if you need any more help.

Thank you so much for your advice Michelle. Now I am interested in Iwata it can use any makup temptu Mac Dinair. Can you recommend me iwata airbrush kit? Thanks and for now i only need airbrush for my face. For body art i will buy another airbrush for body Or should i not? My english is not so good. I am Sorry if my help request word are not polite.

Hello Pann — always happy to help! You may want to read my article on Iwata here. This has information about a few of their machines. There are several different compressors of different sizes and a few different airbrush guns you can use. Some have finer detail while others are better for body-art. Then, if you need to do body art, simply get a bottle-fed airbrush makeup gun which will have a broader spray. The Iwata compressors are powerful enough for body work too! Hi, hoping you might have a moment to point me in the right direction. My wife is a makeup artist, worked for one of the top 3 for a number of years and has recently gone off on her own and started her own business.

She has been talking about wanting to look into air brushes and starting to offer that as an option to her clients. I like the portability option of the one compressor 90 minute unplugged but I was also liking the adjustability of the kett jet lines. Bottom line I want to purchase the absolute best, most versatile, highest quality equipment available. I would appreciate any advice you are able to give. Hello — what a great husband! These come in single piston or double piston double piston means you can run two airbrushes at the same time which can be useful depending on the work she is doing and number of clients etc.

But usually single is fine. Or she can mix brands and experiment more. Other brands are a bit more restrictive. Also look at Temptu Pro as an option — Temptu is designed to work with their silicone-based makeup which is very good quality. What do I do??? Hello Jennifer — thanks for visiting!

It will clog your machine. Hopefully you can return it for a refund! I am so glad I came across your website!! Hi Jennifer — unfortunately not! So the MAC would just clog the Dinair. It really takes my time to read all the comments but still… get confused LOL. I like colorful, conceptual and fantasy make up, I did mostly for photo shoot and under water too. But my big problem is, I live in Indonesia, I got interested on M. I got troubled to find M. Hi Alexandra!

The Ninja Jet is a good enough compressor for sure! It has a 0. You may be able to. Sometimes you can find the makeup online like on eBay etc but just double and triple check the feedback from the seller to make sure they are legit! There is definitely a lot of fake makeup and equipment out there!!

Airbrush Makeup Review: MAC Air Airbrush Makeup System

Hi again! Also, I have heard a little about the belletto studio system and was wondering if you had any experience with that? Thanks for your help! Hey Tess! The Silver Jet has variable flow and the airbrush is dual-action. The compressor has a higher working PSI so is compatible with both water-based and silicone-based makeup. Also look at the Graftobian Walk Around. But the silver jet is pretty awesome and would get my recommendation for sure.

I stumbled upon your site trying to compare airbrush systems. I am new to the airbrush world and I am looking to buy my first compressor, I love makeup!!! I want a compressor that will last me and has good quality makeup. I have been looking at the dinair the luminess and the macpro I know that the Mac is for more professional use, but I am looking to get the best results! However like I said I am new! Have any tips for me? Thanks so much your site is wonderful. Hi Kristyn! Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments! Belloccio and Tickled Pink are also really popular. Check out my airbrush makeup reviews for detailed information on these brands including their makeup.

But the Iwata machines which MAC use are more robust and can be used with a bigger variety of makeup. The reason Iwata guns are better is that they can spray a thin line for detail as well as a wider spray for foundation or body work. I recommend a dual-action. Oh — and, if you want something better than the Neo compressor then the Iwata Silver Jet is best for makeup artists. My boyfriend got me a Grex compressor and a set of two airbrush gun. I am thinking of returning it to get the one from the MAC store. I want to know which one will you recommend to buy.

This will be an investment for me because I want to use it for make up, body tanning and some hair touch up works. I hope you will help me with your good knowledge. I love your site so much because I learn so any good tips from you. Do know why it keeps shutting down? Hi Leann — sometimes the compressors will shut down when they overheat. Some can run for 15 minutes before shutting off. The more pro machines have an auto shutoff that stops it from overheating.

The most popular Iwata compressor for airbrush makeup is the Silver Jet. Has some great features. I also wrote some more information on Iwata in general here. I am in the market for an airbrushing system. I do mostly hair but also do makeup and have been getting a lot more jobs for weddings and photoshoots. As far as larger units I think I have it narrowed down to Iwata silver jet, maybe even the ninja jet an the temptu s-one PRO. Do you have any experience with these small, portable systems? Even the Graftobian Walkaround will struggle.

In the long run though the bigger systems like the Powerjet which have auto shut off are going to be the best for professional use. But the Silver Jet just fits that nice balance of affordability, reliability and quality. If you are doing work 5 times a week though then you might want to look at something more robust. But, for weekend jobs the Silver Jet is fantastic. Please let me know which one you go with and leave a comment to share your experience. Does Mac carry both for airbrush? Thanks again for all your help. The HP-C Plus is one of the best for using with airbrush makeup because it is designed to be compatible for almost all consistencies of liquid makeup.

Plus, it can do fine lines as well as larger areas. MAC is my favorite. They have both water-based and the HD SB makeup which you can use in the airbrush gun or even by hand. You could happily use just MAC products only and your clients would love the results. One thing to note is that sometimes the SB foundations reflect camera-flashes in a weird way in some cameras. Come back to visit and let me know what you think of it!

Now Im unsure about the Studio Series, on which one to choose: I dont mind the money, I want something that last longer and that I can travel with mobile and I can do almost anything with. I want you to guide me from gravity feed and side feed, which one is best? I want to use the Eclipse CS gun, but unsure if it is the best. Please guide me, it will be use for home and professional service thinking of giving it for rental sometimes for special occasions. Apart from Amazon, where are you gonna buy the Silver Jet Iwata?

I am also buying it online but I aint sure where is the authentic one. And where can I get MAC water based makeup for airbrush? Does the HP C Plus comes with the kit or as a separate tool? And betwwen the side feed and gravity feed, which one is better? Please help. Hello Iris — thanks for visiting.


There are a few places online like the art supplies companies. So, if you find their shop on Amazon it may be the good choice. Sometimes they sell the compressor separate from the airbrush gun though so double check. Gravity fed is much better for airbrush makeup. These are popular because they give you the option to go from fine detail to wider spray. See if you can find a place that will let you try the machines first so you can get a feel for them. MAC can be really hard to find online — especially the authentic stuff.

But it does come up on eBay or Amazon sometimes — just always check the seller feedback to make sure they are authentic. Hope that helps!! Is there a machine that can do both. And what oil free make up will be best? Hi Genna — The powerjet and smart jet compressors are both very versatile and able to do both airbrush makeup and sunless tanning.

So, if your budget allows, then go for the powerjet or smartjet.

Airbrush Makeup Review: MAC Air Airbrush Makeup System Airbrush Makeup Salon

Where can I find mac airbrush makeup.. When I go to their store it does not say airbrush foundation so how do I know which one is for the airbrush???? I hope you have lots of success with your salon! The motor will burn out very quickly. You really want an Iwata for professional, salon use. The best value for money is the Silver Jet but, if you have the budget, go for the Smart Jet.

Also look at OCC for higher quality. Temptu and MAC Pro have silicone-based makeup that gives a dewy look and some people will prefer this. It will be more long lasting too. I wrote an article on Iwata products here. Good luck!! Hi again Dalal — You can use most liquid foundations. Basically anything designed for airbrush makeup will be fine. I am 58 years young and have a semi dry skin. I am a total newbie on airbrush make ups. I have read almost every comment on here and understand Iwata is the best equipment to use. My question is makeup itself. I do have large pores and tend to sweat on my upper lip area a lot.

What make up would provide the best coverage with the best sweat proof abilities? Hi Sue — thanks for visiting! The trick is to use minimal passes and also, using a high quality airbrush gun like an Iwata means you get a much finer and more controlled mist which avoids big droplets of airbrush makeup. Also, with semi-dry skin, you will get better results with silicone-based over water-based just make sure you have no allergy to silicone. Good prepping, a silicone-based makeup like Temptu or MAC and a finishing powder will give you a flawless look.

It just takes some practice and the discipline to avoid too many passes. You can also visit my how to airbrush makeup section on this website. Hope you enjoy airbrushing! Great thanks so much for the information. Is the finishing powder airbrushed? And what exactly do you mean by prepping, using a primer? You can moisturize too before airbrushing. Also, you can put a very subtle setting powder over the concealer at this point before you start airbrushing just a very minor amount.

With the finishing powder, this is brushed on after the airbrush makeup has fully dried. It just gives you that extra protection and lastability is that a word?! Hello Heidi — you can definitely use regular powder, blush and eyeshadows after airbrushing foundation. Just treat it the same as you would treat normal foundation. I love your reviews. What knowledge you have!

You might have already answered this but what is the makeup airbrush system that you adore personally? Hi Jilly — thanks for visiting! I wrote some information on Iwata here and also did a big review of the Iwata Silver Jet here. But, the best thing about Iwata for airbrush makeup artists is that they can handle any liquid makeup. So you are spoiled for choice and can continue to grow and learn as an MUA without restriction. Temptu Pro and Graftobian also offer fantastic equipment and Temptu Pro has an amazing line of makeup either water, silicone or alcohol based so you could safely be faithful to Temptu Pro only and that would cover all your airbrushing needs.

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