2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core

The processors have been removed. Service personnel are then instructed to "rotate the top of the holder to the open position" and "lift the processor out of the holder". Remove the protective cap covering the replacement processor's pins, align the processor "notch" with the "tab on the processor holder", place the processor in the socket, close the "door", and close the processor holder latch as well. Before reinstalling the heatsinks, Apple reminds service personnel to "make sure the two logic board bumpers by the upper processor are in place. These semi-official instructions assume that one will be replacing the processors and heatsinks together.

If you are upgrading the processors alone, readers also have advised to purchase a long T15 Torx wrench to make it easiest to remove the heatsinks from the processors. As time has gone on, EveryMac.

Swapping out the default two dual core processors on "Quad Core" models with two quad core processors to make it an "Eight Core" system has been rather popular. Specifically, many have reported successfully replacing the Dual Core Xeon , , or processors with 2. AnandTech has a brief teardown that may be useful to you and XLR8YourMac has a number of reader reports that also may be worthwhile. However, perhaps the best step-by-step guide is from a helpful Italian Mac user who swapped out the default processors with a pair of 1.

Although this two part video tutorial from talented musician Kays Alatrakchi midphase could have benefited from prepared copy and a tighter edit, it also can be quite useful for anyone upgrading the processor in the original or "Early " Mac Pro:.


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Ultimately, it is quite possible to upgrade the standard processors in the original or "Early " Mac Pro models with faster ones available at the time the system was new or even more recent processors. However, it is not the easiest upgrade to perform and only should be attempted by one who has experience upgrading the processor in other systems. By reading the semi-official instructions and unofficial tutorials as well as watching the videos above, it is hoped that you will be able to decide whether or not upgrading the processors in your original or "Early " Mac Pro is a challenge you would like to tackle.

Best of luck! Successfully upgraded the processor in any Mac Pro model? Please share the results of your efforts.

Mac Pro 2009 CPU upgrade 8 core to 2010 12 core

For complete disclaimer and copyright information please read and understand the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy before using EveryMac. Use of any content or images without expressed permission is not allowed, although links to any page are welcomed and appreciated. For example: Interface Speed - in my case Native HD card over digilink cable to a pair of digi blue interfaces.

A bit of a non-starter in my case because I really like my Digi blues, they're an exceptional value on the used market right now. No new interfaces offer this much, yet most people probably don't care. Any thoughts? CPU speed - 2.

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Thoughts on how much this aspect matters? Number of Cores - 4, 6, 8, 12? More cores is better.

For me if you have over 20 GB you're fine unless you use huge samples on huge sessions. Hard drive speed - SSD's are without question the way to go for boot drives - do they matter much for working drives? Also worth it to get a PCIe card M.

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I'm less interested in this because I only need basic graphics supporting x resolutions. Computer's chipset speed - yeah here's a fun one. This kinda cuts to the whole architecture question, trash can mac vs mac pro tower. It all adds up to a Geekbench score. And will we see greatly improved hardware out of Apple any time soon?

I would say, probably not as the market for Apple is clearly less desktops and more mobile. Will prices come down on the trash can macs - sure they will - but feels like a slow drop right now.

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Meanwhile your and older mac pro towers will have hardware failures at some point, for example power supplies. And you don't want that during a critical session. Still I just love mine, feels like a sherman tank. M So a 6 core at a lower speed would still be more powerful than a 4 core at a higher clock speed. I just did an upgrade from a 4.

The Geekbench numbers went from to The difference in responsiveness is tremendous. And you get a faster computer than most of the trash cans for far less money. In every respect, it's worth the money. For a third or less of the price. All times are GMT The time now is Powered by: Forum Hosted By: User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of 8. Thread Tools. Justin Member. Join Date: May Location: Portland, OR Posts: I am considering buying a used mac pro 5,1.

However, I want to know what chipset the mac pro has before I buy. The only place I could find the chipset listed was on Wikipedia and it was wrong because according to intel, that chipset X58 supports few to none of the listed cpus the mac pro can come with from the factory. I was wondering if anybody who has a mac pro 4,1 or 5,1 could tell me what chipset it has so I can check on intel's site to see ALL of the possible cpus the mac pro 5,1 could have.

ChengCie Luo. This price is not included the service. You can find "how to" instructions on YouTube or other place. You can buy the lowest Mac Pro with 2. Don't forget to upgrade its RAM too! But, be careful to choose the right one since many! Mac Pro 5. Dan danj.

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Self employed contract worker. Review this sites info: EveryMac - Mac Pro's. Locate your exact system and post an update to your question with the info as there are a few different models and not all of them can be upgraded. X 12M Cache, 2. But without knowing which logic board you currently have as you didn't tell us.

2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core 2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core
2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core 2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core
2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core 2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core
2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core 2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core
2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core 2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core
2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core 2008 8-core mac pro upgrade to 2010 12-core

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