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'Mac Won't Play DVD' Solution | Fix DVD not Playing on MacBook Pro/Air/iMac/iMac Pro etc.

Welcome to the Mac Forums. First try cleaning the drive on your MacBook. The best and safest way is to buy a can of compressed air and blow several short blasts into the drive itself. If the optical reader LED is dirty that may clean it.

Also, as a recommendation As inexpensive as DVD media is, there's no reason to spend money on re-writable disks. But it's probably more a matter of a using a proprietary program that writes in its own special way or b not closing the session correctly. Macs nor other PCs can read discs that haven't closed the session properly. Thanx for the input. It was really appreciated.

Why DVD Won't Play on Mac (MacBook Pro/Air, iMac)

There should be a smiley face here, but I'm incompatible for that. I failed to mention previously that this computer belongs to my brother and arrived with the instructions "don't mess with it". I also forget to mention that the picture quality on this computer is poor. The picture is weak, rather dim, without detail.

Perhaps there is a 'brilliance' control somewhere as in the old crt tvs. This is the case with both homegrown and commercial disks. I always use ac power, never the battery. This is the first I've heard of dvd-rw's being of questionable quality. In the pc world, they are used commonly without problems. Are there special media prepared especially for Apple computers? Since these difficulties are encountered with both homegrown and commercial disks, it would seem that the pc burning software may not be to blame.

My belief is that this computer needs some service by a qualified Apple service tech. Perhaps I will ask my brother to rescind his order. In any case, thank you again for your asistance; any further info would be welcome.

Cures for an uncooperative CD/DVD drive | Macworld

Perhaps your experience is anecdotal. Perhaps the Macbook computer is incapable of playing large files created on a pc. In addition,why does the macbook have problems with commercial rental DVDs?

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Never had these problems on my pc desktop or notebook. Undoubtedly, some files may be corrupt, but not all of them. I can't believe this could be a design flaw by Apple.

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I think this computer is malfunctioning and needs service. I had planned to reuse the disks for new programming. Chucking used DVD-Rs maybe cheap, but it is not environmentally correct to be adding this to our landfills. Despite the inferior performance of this macbook computer, it is all I've got at this time, so it must suffice. Thank you for your input.

I really appreciate your prompt response. What file extesion are movie files? R and RW. I was able to get one disc to work a few days ago, but when I ejected it and reinserted it, it didn't work the second time. Any suggestions on something I could try other than buying a new drive? If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

Also please exercise your best judgment when posting in the forums--revealing personal information such as your e-mail address, telephone number, and address is not recommended.

How To Eject A Stuck CD/DVD In A Mac

In reply to: Try a lens cleaner but. Not sure that is going to happen as the original has expired. You can extend with AppleCare right up to the day of expiration, but not after. An external would be the cheapest route. Warranty extension. I agree with trying a lens cleaning disk. It's highly unfortunate for you if the drive has failed so soon; they should last for years. I guess the nature of laptops is that they are more prone to being around dirty environments; thus attracting more crud in the drive.

If cleaning fails to fix the problem, you can replace the drive yourself. If you're averse to doing that, an external optical drive would be the cheapest way to go, but not very practical, hauling a laptop AND a drive around. Yes, a lens cleaner.. Well, the MacBook Air doesn't have an optical drive, and it's set up to share drives with desktops. I suppose you could look into that. As for the drive in question, replacing them isn't all that bad. I have the exact same problem. I'd like to know what you did?

[Solved] How to Fix 'Mac Won't Play DVD' Problem

Did you have to get it fixed? My CD's too get ejected and don't write correctly or don't write at all. This started happening just a few days after the computer ran its warranty period. I don't have Apple Care so I don't know what I must do. It's fairly easy Failing that, you could purchase an external enclosure and put a full size DVD burner in there. It would be cheaper but not as portable.

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Hi- I've just started with the exact same problem on my I-mac How did u eventually sort it out? Did a lens cleaner do the trick? I have the exact same problem on my MacBook Same issue. I agree with Bob. Any time I get something like this coming across my workbench, I just replace the drive. Not sure why it seems to be such a mystery to people that optical drives fail, and fail often, when they do fail so often. You'd think more people would have experienced it by now.

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Of course the MacBook uses a slot loading slimline drive, and while it's not overly difficult to change out, there are some tools required the average person wouldn't likely have. There's also a small trick to removing the airport card mount without breaking the little grounding tab that connects to the optical drive. There's a different trick for the older non-unibody MacBooks, though replacing those drives is considerably more work.

So if you can actually source a replacement MacBook optical drive, just take your time taking the old one out and putting the new one in.

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Try with this Open Disk Utilites 2. Click on your Hard drive partition "Macintosh or what ever you renamed yours too " 3. Like magic my drive started working again. Hope this helps the rest of you! This totally worked. Thanks so much that was really irritating. I didn't even think about going into the disk utilities, and repairing the disk from there.

Again, thanks helped a bunch. What I did to fix mine was I went to system preferences, then to language and text. In there on the left I dragged a random language on the list above English, and then after that I dragged English back to the top again and restarted the computer.

After that my disk drive started working again! Hope that helps. Weird fix, but I just got mine working! You'll find some that spring back to life. But if you are at a service counter you never warrant the work if you don't replace the drive.

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