Mac pro longwear concealer review under eye

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When I went shopping for a concealer I wanted something creamy that would work with my dry skin as well as have enough coverage so that I don't have to build it up. I actually didn't think this would work for me. But it is amazing! Covers whatever you want to cover and is a great addition to my makeup routine! Lasts really long and is well pigmented! I am happy with my purchase! LOVE this - If only this product was cheaper!!

By far my best concealer - so creamy and blendable: Lasts quite a while - one pump goes a long way! Would definitely repurchase! I have tried many concealers over the years and, without sounding like almost every other beauty blogger on the internet, I absolutely love this product. The price is not ideal although, this is MAC we are talking about. I purchased mine recently for R The bottle is quite small which makes the price even more steep. I am not a fan of the pump which produces the product as, with just one pump, I often end up with more product than I need. I use it mainly to conceal under my eyes and I have experienced little creasing.

It does have a highlighting effect which I personally like. The texture is smooth and consistent. It blends into my skin well, matches my fair skin tone perfectly NC 15 and lasts on my face all day. It has lasted me quite long and I would be eager to repurchase this product when it is finished. A definite recommendation if you can get passed the price.

I have pretty much only ever seen fantastic reviews of this item and it seems to be the Holy Grail product of many of my favourite Youtube gurus but it just doesn't do it for me. At R for a miniscule tube it is crazy expensive. I find the consistency is cakey and it highlights my eyes more than concealing and considering that it is most certainly NOT a highlighter it is a bit disappointing.

I don't think I would repurchase this one. This concealer really does last a very long time. On the packaging it says it should last 15 hours. The concealer does not leave a cakey finish if you apply the right amount of it which is very little. I accidently applied too much when I first started using it and it looked cakey and unflattering. So if you consider to buy this product, use only a little of the product. I prefer using my fingers because the concealer blends more easily with the warmth of your hands. Join Us. Write Review.

Product Info Brand. User reviews. Overall rating. Already have an account? Log in now or Create an account. June 12, MAC Pro longwear concealer I have found this to be a very affective product to use to cover my red cheeks.

Pro Longwear Concealer Review

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Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

May 19, Whathappenedtomybody Top Reviewer View all my reviews September 18, Updated: September 18, Krienkies Top 50 Reviewer View all my reviews This concealer gives really good coverage under the eyes. It gets rid of the rotten blue colour from dark circles and more or less hides them completely. I blend it down into a triangle under my eye as this gives the best results. I finish off by patting it gently around my eyes to make sure it is really blended in.

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While this concealer lasts for most of the day without needed to retouch. I do find that it has a tendency to move and crease, so setting is an absolute must. If it does crease, I just run my ring finger lightly under my eye, it will reset the concealer again. Is this a holy grail concealer? I am saying yes and no. It is seriously good and many people swear by it, but at the moment I feel that an even more amazing concealer is out there for me.

The grass is always greener and all that. Will I buy it again when it runs out? Yes, absolutely. Just take a moment to sit back and take in the beauty of this palette. She really is a absolute beaut. The minute I opened the packaging for this one I fell in love. Just look at that gorgeous burnt orange colour. It has my name written all over it. I love using orange as a transition colour.

Youngblood launched in Ireland last October and has been rapidly growing in popularity since. Youngblood offers top quality makeup, that is also kind to your skin.

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As someone who has quite dark circles, I am incredibly hard and picky on the concealers I use. My concealer needs to not only cover my dark circles, but they must be comfortable, long wearing and above all they must not settle in my fine lines! Often with a concealer you can get a feel for how good it is on first use.

However, some concealers need a little TLC on application, as not all concealer apply and work the same way. For todays post I am going to put some much loved concealers to the test.

Some concealers that I love, will be ones others hate. While I know…. Concealer is an absolute must for me. Having no thyroid, work, family and blog can lead to a busy schedule. A full nights sleep is a luxury but sure that is what concealer is for! As I am getting a little older than I would like to admit, the skin underneath my eyes is getting a little bit creppy and lined. I need a concealer that not only covers the dark circles, but stays in place without settling in my lines and making me look ancient.

To help with your search I have put together….

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I had to have them. All of them. There are 6 permeant colours in the collection and 1 limited edition. The powders themselves are described as finishing powders, rather than setting powders. If you have oily skin, then you will probably need to use a setting powder on your very….

mac pro longwear concealer review under eye Mac pro longwear concealer review under eye
mac pro longwear concealer review under eye Mac pro longwear concealer review under eye
mac pro longwear concealer review under eye Mac pro longwear concealer review under eye
mac pro longwear concealer review under eye Mac pro longwear concealer review under eye
mac pro longwear concealer review under eye Mac pro longwear concealer review under eye

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