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Upgraded my ram and i have backed up all files! I want to delete all Hard drive data and upgrade so i can start fresh! Jun 21, 7: You can make an install USB drive and from that do as you want. If you have backed up all your personal data, photos and media on an external disk, it is probably better to go to the developer's websites for up-to-date versions of all your applications, once the new version is in place.

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If Mozilla can do it, then surely Apple can as well. To be fair. If your version of iOS does not match the requirements, it will not download it. Not sure it is on everything but certainly on the few things that I have tried to download for my original iPhone P.

Like said, it MAY work, but it may also not work. Apple's upgrade system is really only designed to work with the previous version, so when you try and upgrade from two or more versions back, the results are unpredictable.

upgrade form 10.5.8 to yosemite

Sometimes it works without a hitch, sometimes it just makes a mess of things. Now, one minor detail, since you're running an OS version which leaves at least some degree of ambiguity. For You don't give any details on the system you're using, so if you go to the Apple icon in the menu bar, select About This Mac, and you don't see Core 2 Duo or Xeon next to where it says Processor, then Like said. The safest route would be to buy a retail copy of Then you want to download the After which you could use the app store to download Or you could just stick with The safest route.

Hope That Helps. Snow Leopard Required. Not necessarily. Someone could presumably go to another machine, one with the App Store on it, log in with their iTunes account info, buy, download, and BURN a copy of the Lion installer to a DVD, then take it back home and use that to install. All perfectly legal, if a bit unlikely and convoluted. Come to think of it, Apple should probably consider offering such a service in their retail stores for customers who don't have broadband.

I'm calling dibs on the idea! It is not integrated into the OS, it's just a stand alone app. Just a question,. Apple does sell some kind of USB bootstrap device for installing Programs written in Rosetta will not be supported. You will need to upgrade the system to To answer your questions directly to the best of my knowledge: The OS needs to go to You can restore Yes, this is the upgrade path.

Access to the App Store enables you to download Mavericks if your computer meets the requirements.

See http: That would be my recommendation It will be A LOT of changes for them. I have one coming in tomorrow to do the same exact thing. Ssd upgrade is a huge improvement on these old macs. Well worth it. Haven't had an issue with the over 20 my shop has done last year. Very fast and people are happy.

OSX 10.5 TO 10.10 Upgrade Process

Jan 22,

mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite Mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite
mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite Mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite
mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite Mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite
mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite Mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite
mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite Mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite
mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite Mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite
mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite Mac os 10.5.8 to yosemite

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