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Syntax Colors , Up: Console Colors , Up: On Unix systems a bug report can be generated using the function bug. Alternatively the bug report can be submitted to the Web page at http: Before you file a bug report, please try to reproduce it using both R. APP and the console version of R if applicable. If the bug if R. Please do NOT forget to mention the exact R. APP version and include the output of sessionInfo. In any circumstances, in case of a crash, please report the crash. You can get this crash. R and external applications , Previous: You have several options for installing new packages on your system.

We discuss here only the GUI interface to the standard R functions like install. For the R functions see the standard R documentation. Installation of packages , Previous: How to install packages , Up: How to install packages. You can also install packages from local files, either binary of source packages, as explained below.

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Otherwise you can use the appropriate R commands see install. Installation of source packages , Previous: Which kind of packages can I install using the GUI? R for Mac OS X recognizes packages in two forms: Binary packages are R packages in ready-to-use form, such that no additional tools are necessary for their use. Binary packages are specific for a given R version and OS. Additional tools may be necessary for that, see see Installation of source packages for details.

For most users binary packages are sufficient if available and current. The latter two methods are common to all Unix systems and as such described in the general R documentation. In the following we will concentrate on using the Package Installer. Select the repository, package type binary or source and press Get List.

This will connect to the repository through the Internet and a list all packages available for installation.

The list tells you if a package is already installed on your system, the version of the package available on CRAN and the version of the same package if already installed. You can use the search field to narrow the list of package to those matching your search criteria. Additionally you can use the search list menu to list only packages that are already installed on your system which is useful for comparing versions of available and installed packages.

Finally, you can filter down to packages that have been installed by a previous R version as to allow a simple upgrade. Select any package you want to install and press the Install button. You can follow the progress of the installation in the R Console. Once the required packages are installed, the list is re-loaded to reflect the versions of newly installed packages. If you want to update all packages to the latest version, select the repository to use for the packages and press Update All.

R will automatically determine the list of packages that can be updated and present you with a selection of packages to update. You can also download any other package from the Internet yourself and decide to install it from source. In such case select one of the local entries in the top left list and press the Install button which is now enabled. Packages can also be installed from other repositories by selecting Other Repository source. Enter the repository URL in the adjacent field. Note that currently the Package Installer assumes that custom repositories maintain proper hierarchy for both source and binary packages the same way CRAN does when using Other Repository.

Where are the packages I've installed? Installation of packages , Up: Source packages which do not contain compiled code can with rare exceptions be installed with no additional tools. APP or command-line R. For R. APP you may need to add e.


Previous releases of R for Mac OS X

Installation of source packages , Up: The main library of packages is the one located inside the R. This library contains the packages base and recommended ones distributed along with R. Only administrators are allowed to install packages in this system-wide directory. Note that this directory is R -version-specific. The Package Installer performs installation to either place depending on the installation target setting.

The default for an admin users is to install packages system-wide, whereas the default for regular users is their personal library tree. If you use install. For default setup this means that the packages are installed according to the startup preference setting. You can check the current defaults by issuing. Quartz device , Previous: External editors , Previous: R and external applications , Up: R and external applications.

Frequently Asked Questions on R for Mac OS X

R has partial support for Apple-Scripts. At the moment R can be invoked and asked to run commands from an AppleScript script. What follows is an example of script that interacts with R. It first invokes R and then sends commands to R with the cmd applescript command. In the above, cmd is the only applescript command in the R dictionary that is used to tell R to execute an R command in the R Console. The syntax is. Actually, the output of the command is not sent back to the application that is calling R but to the R Console directly. There are some issues. The first is that if R is still not running, it will take a while depending on how fast your machine is to startup.

In the meanwhile the script sends commands without waiting and it could happen that some commands are missed by R , i. The second issue, is that it could be that the applescript calls a bad version of R. This could happen if you have an old version of R for example the old Carbon R installed on your System.

As an example, we report here a small script that asks R to source a file using a file dialog. Finder actions , Previous: AppleScript support , Up: R accepts the Apple Event command open. This means than an external editor can communicate with R sending portions of R code to execute via files.

External editors , Up: RData , the data is loaded in the workspace and every object with the same name in the workspace is overwritten without notice. Loading a data file is equivalent to the R command load. At the moment there is no control over the file types, i. It is up to the user to do the right thing.

General Installation Issues

The quartz device can be used from R. APP or a suitable build of R running at the Mac console. Where supported it is the default graphics device. Saving the image , Previous: Quartz device , Up: Quartz device. The quartz device allows for interaction. You can use both identify and locator functions. Copying the image into the clipboard , Previous: Interactive mode , Up: You can save the content of the quartz device window into a PDF file, via the R menu when the device window has focus. This is a simple way to export high quality graphics from R into other applications on Mac OS X as graphics is PDF-based so are almost all applications available.

For other solutions, see see Copying the image into the clipboard and the quartz. Saving the image , Up: You can copy the content of the quartz device window in the clipboard to make the resulting image available for pasting into other applications. The clipboard will contain both a PDF version and a bitmap version of the quartz device window.

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  7. Which version will be used depends on the pasting applications, most modern application will prefer the PDF version which is of higher quality as it supports vector graphics. Internationalization of the R. Of course a X windows server has to be started first: The first time things are done in the X server there can be a long delay whilst a font cache is constructed; starting the server can take several seconds. Mac OS X Note, however, that such builds do not work when used in the R.

    Additional resources , Previous: R and the R. Among other things this means that both messages and GUI elements can be translated into various languages. Please note that both Language and Formats information is used so they should be set up consistently.

    R for Mac OS X FAQ

    If you use a non-standard setup e. APP again afterwards. APP will not work properly. By default R. When opening new documents R. If you are interested in translating R. Acknowledgments , Previous: Additional resources , Up: Additional resources.

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    The Apple Developer Connection can be reached at http: You can subscribe for free to ADC and get the latest up-to-date tools from Apple compilers for example: Apple Developer Connection , Up: This page is located at http: It contains latest nightly builds of R and R. APP as well as information on tools necessary to build R. Miscellaneous questions , Previous: Acknowledgments , Up: What happens if I drag a file on the R icon?

    Miscellaneous questions , Up: Miscellaneous questions. You can by writing a. Rprofile file in your favorite session directory and change accordingly the startup working directory using the Preferences see The current and startup working directories. How can I interrupt lengthy operations or output? How can I have a per session. In this case R will try to source this file or load the image data file see Finder actions.

    R-Studio for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) install/uninstall/register

    If R is not yet running it will be launched. You need to follow this procedure only once, next time R-Studio start without this message. R-Studio will start and work properly, but without access to the system disk and when you start R-Studio next time, its message will appear again. You will be able to unblock the program if needed. Go to Applications in Finder, control-click R-Studio. Upon receiving the email with the Registration key, open the attachment, then select and copy the key.

    Enter your registration information and then paste the Registration key. Do not try to type it manually. We are committed to providing fast, efficient, and affordable software solutions that set new standards in the software development industry. PRO Data Recovery: This version does not install on Mac OS X Universal binary of the base distribution of R 2. It is not possible to compile packages from Fortran sources when this smaller subset is used.

    It is not possible to compile packages from sources when this smaller subset is used! The tools changed in R 2. However, you can use this image to upgrade from R 2. However, if you installed the full image of R 2. Universal binary of base distribution of R 2. If you have G4 or G5 Mac, you can use the smaller R 2.

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